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Based on the media reports about the huge diversion of funds of homebuyers investing in the housing projects of Amprapali Group and alleged irregularity in the conduct of their statutory auditors, as informed by the Supreme-Court-appointed forensic auditors, ICAI suo moto issued notices to those statutory auditors, i.

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Subhash Chandra Khuntia selected 7 awardees to honour for their exemplary contribution. On behalf of the Association both of them were garlanded and presented engraved silver salver as a memento along with a gift.

Modalities for e-hearings have been formulated and arrangements are being made to conduct the first e-hearing of disciplinary proceedings shortly. A total of candidates, including 83 for Central Council and for Regional Councils, have contested in the elections.

You may visit www. At the moment, I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all of them. A representation towards permitting the availment of input tax credit under GST pertaining to the financial year till 31st December had been submitted in October and a follow-up representation to this effect was made in November Speaking on the occasion, Executive Secretary K.

The students and trainees were preparing to welcome Mrs. As you recall, this year, there have been a number of mid-term resignations by auditors particularly in the cases of listed companies.

Settlement - a payment on a medical malpractice action or claim settled out of court. Elections to 24th Central Council and 23rd Regional Councils were held successfully on 7th and 8th December, across notified polling booths.

As while it is win for some and loss for some, it is always win for democracy. Deepak Gupta, currently pursuing his M. It is possible for multiple states to report the same claim. It also warned the Hindustan and directed it to publish the order passed by the Council immediately.

Responding to Misleading Media Reports If you recall, in one of my previous communications, I had mentioned about certain media reports that carried out misleading and misinterpreted information and analyses, putting the ICAI and Indian accountancy profession in a bad light.

I request all of you to participate in our survey in this regard hosted at https: Unique Document Identification number. The idea of having independent directors on the Audit Committee originates from the concept of effective Corporate Governance. Kusheswar for his pleasing manners and hard work.

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Survey on State of Internal Audit Profession in India I wish to inform our stakeholders that ICAI has recently launched a survey on the State of the Internal Audit Profession in India to capture the views of our members as well as all other professionals working as internal auditors.

I am sure that this publication would be a source of knowledge enrichment and of great help to the members and other stakeholders.

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Physicians with a disciplinary action in one state may move to another state where they may have a clean record. Kusheswar ji, retiring on medical grounds, completed 21 years of service. While it is crucial to work for future, it is equally important to know our past and heritage.

Let us continue to be tax-compliant citizens of our nation.

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The Independent Directors bring objectivity to Board decisions, protect common interest of the company and its stakeholders.

You may want to use this information to start a discussion with the physician. The group dance by the primary class students conveying the message that each one is gifted differently captured the hearts of the audience.

It combines technology, information assurance and information management expertise that enables an information system auditor to become trusted Information Technology advisor and provider of IS Assurance services. Name Civil Code Designation Assess.

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Resi. Mobile Room No Bldg Updated on; Saroj Deswal: Pr. CIT (F) Latest Supreme Court Verdicts. Sushila N. Rungta vs. TRO (Supreme Court) ; The statement of objects and reasons makes it clear that over 22 years, the results achieved under the Act have not been encouraging and the desired objectives for which the Act has been introduced ha .

CIT vs. Reliance Industries Ltd (Supreme Court) ; No doubt, there is a long delay in removing the objections, we. Tarun is an online enterpreneur and living the entrepreneur lifestyle and building the entrepreneurial community so anyone can be the successful person in their life. Read More FOLLOW TARUN GUPTA ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Tarun gupta
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