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It is not unusual for them to claim that they know only a little bit of English and do not understand it especially when a foreigner speaks fast. Admission requirements To be eligible for admission to this degree programme, you must fulfil the following requirements: Germans are able to consume large quantities of beer in one evening, but public drunkenness is not acceptable.

Do your best to address people by their full, correct title, no matter how extraordinarily long that title may seem to foreigners. For more information go to www. While this seemed unnatural to me the first several times it happened, I soon came to realize that the German way of answering the phone was not impolite, but efficient.

They are kept neat and tidy at all times, with everything in its appointed place.

Doing business in Germany

In a world where English is considered the international language that almost everybody is expected to know, German business customs require at least some knowledge of the German language. They show expertise and knowledge.

In spite of this, Germans do not welcome criticism that is directed at people. As a group, Germans are suspicious of hyperbole, promises that sound too good to be true, or displays of emotion. Facts and Statistics Location: You were great to deal with and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Public gestures of affection tend to be reserved for close family and friends. Careful planning, in one's business and personal life, provides a sense of security.

Communication Styles in Germany and the United States

Consequently, Germans are known to wear a shell of protection in business. The most common toast with beer is 'Prost.

While Germans can speak very good English, some may well feel offended by the presumption. While Germany is an extremely culturally aware nation, they also have expectations when it comes to others understanding their culture as an independent country — so preparation is a must if you are to build a positive image from the beginning of negotiations.

In business situations, shake hands at both the beginning and the end of a meeting. This frequently leads to Germans in business or public life being seen by members of other cultures as very remote and cold and even as overtly unfriendly.

Such errors in communication may have a serious impact on the success of the negotiation process. This means that those applicants who are given the highest assessment based on the objective criteria below are admitted until all places are taken.

German customs such as the mysterious lunchtime greeting 'mahlzeit' can leave foreigners confused, and German companies, with their government-imposed regulations and all-powerful works councils, function by very different rules to their counterparts elsewhere.

Understanding German business culture

At the end of a meeting, some Germans signal their approval by rapping their knuckles on the tabletop. Titles are very important to Germans. They relate to the elements which are common to a particular nation.

Together with your group, you will do presentations and discuss communication scenarios. In business situations, shake hands both at the beginning and the end of a meeting. Danish is spoken by 0. Failing to recognise and adapt to this cultural diversity can mean the difference between success and failure.

Be sure to look directly into the person's eyes while shaking hands. You may be shown to a particular seat. As a student of international business communication in German and communication, it is an excellent idea to spend a semester studying abroad in a German-speaking country.

It is a chance to improve your language skills, and experience a foreign culture first-hand, while at the same time strengthening your cross-cultural cooperation skills. When doing business in Germany, it is essential that you appreciate that business etiquette is of great importance to your German counterpart.

Germany Guide

Germany is a nation that is strongly individualistic, and demands the utmost respect at all times, therefore the highest of standards are expected. Languages in Germany. The official language of Germany is German, with over 95% of the population speaking German as their first language.

Minority languages include Sorbian, spoken by % in the east of Germany; North and West Frisian, spoken around the Rhine estuary by around 10, people, or %, who also speak German.

The following section will provide you with information on both verbal and non-verbal communication issues in Germany.

It focuses on the initial stage of contact as an important factor examined together with the application of communication skills in business practice in Germany. Cross-Cultural Management: How to Do Business with Germans - A Guide - Aksana Kavalchuk 2 Features of the German business communication style 54 3 The first meeting 62 Greeting and rules of address 62 guided by the question of how an outsider perceives Germany and the German business culture.

In doing so, she makes. Looking to do business in Germany? It is important to follow the right protocol in a German business or social environment. Be sure you follow these tips.

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