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We were to indicate initial locations of molecules and predict in which direction they would move in diffusion into the bag, out of the bag, both into and out of the bag, or none. No matter what type of locomotion a protist uses, all protists must be able to carry out the metabolic functions of multicellular organisms.

All three protists had a nucleus, as expected, but the Paramecium had two nuclei, a micronucleus and a macronucleus. Bursaria Results All protists that were selected had features in common, but they all moved differently. IKI was initially in the cup and is predicted to stay in the cup and also move into the dialysis bag.

For example, if you are trying to determine protein levels by spectrophotometry, you would record all the spectrophotometry readings for your standards and samples in the first table, and use the standard readings to construct a graph of protein concentration versus absorbance readings a standard curve.

Glucose was initially in the dialysis bag and is predicted to flow in and out of the dialysis bag and exist in both the cup and dialysis bag. The passing of molecules is either through active transport passage of materials using energy or passive transport passage of materials using kinetic energy.

In doing so, we made sure the entire bag was covered by the solution in the cup. The Paramecium and Amoeba both had food and contractile vacuoles, but these were lacking in the Euglena.

They move with the help of microscopic hair-like structures called cilia, which act like oars to push them through the water. Water potential is measured in bars, metric units of pressure equal to 10 newtons per cm2 or 1 atmosphere.

How does diffusion across the cell membrane work. Finally, Amoeba moved with a pseudopod, and so is a sarcodine see Fig. Cilia help the Paramecium move as well as feed. It is usual to run a positive and negative control with any analysis as a way of making sure that the method worked.

The Simple Lab Report

First, we poured mL of distilled water into a cup and added about 4 mL of IKI solution to the water and mixed well. Amoebas do not seem to have a particular shape, with the exception of the pseudopodia that consistently protrude from the cell.

Its movement is slow, and changing directions is just a matter of extending a pseudopod in a new direction. This motion was very clear under the light microscope, but interactions of protists with others in the culture jar were better observed using the dissection scope.

Hypertonic solutions are solutions with higher amounts of solutes and hypotonic solutions are solutions with a lower amount of solutes. Access Expansion Below is an extended example of a report structure that looks at how you might arrange the hierarchy of headings and subheadings.

Sep 08,  · How to Write a Biology Lab Report. Biology lab reports have a specific format that must be followed to present the experiment and findings in an organized manner. Once you learn the main components of the lab report and what they should 77%(29). Necrotizing Factor 1 (CNF1) and sublytic levels of the pore-forming type 1 secreted α- hemolysin, are capable of causing host cell apoptosis as well as exfoliation and nutrient release (1, 2).

advantage, UPEC uses secreted toxins to stimulate the host response (1, 2). Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor 1 (CNF1) and sublytic levels of the pore-forming type 1 secreted α-hemolysin, are capable of causing host cell apoptosis as well as exfoliation and nutrient release (1, 2). The abstract typically comes at the beginning of the lab report, after the title, but should not be composed until your written report is completed.

View a sample lab report template. Do Your Own Work. Remember that lab reports are individual assignments. You may have a lab partner, but the work that you do and report on should be your own. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injury Report: The official injury report of the Buccaneers.

Bio20002 prac report 2 1
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